Person - Gil de la Cuadra, Ramón (1774-1860)

Gil de la Cuadra, Ramón (1774-1860)




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Gil de la Cuadra, Ramón (1774-1860)Other forms

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Balmaseda (Bizkaia, España)  1774-07-08 - 1860-01-11


Spanish politician, minister and diplomat.

He studied Botany and Mineralogy, publishing Tablas comparativas de todas las sustancias metálicas para conocerlas y distinguirlas por medio de sus caracteres externos and Notas al ensayo mineralógico de Joseph Brunner. In 1810, he was appointed supernumerary official of the Secretary of State for the Treasury of the Indies. Since then, he was part of the Overseas Government, he was the chairperson of the Junta de Protección del Museo de Ciencias, President of the council created to write the regulations of the Escuelas de Caminos y Canales, and deputy for the province of Madrid.

After the fall of the Liberal Government (1823), Gil de la Cuadra went into exile to England, where he became part of a group that met in the house of Agustín Argüelles. Then, he settled in Paris. He did not return to Spain until 1834, when he was appointed adviser of the Sección de Indias del Consejo Real de España e Indias (Section of the Indies for the Royal Council of Spain and the Indies) and hero of the kingdom. Later, he took part in the Government of Spain during the presidency of José María Calatrava, he was the royal commissioner in the Banco Español de San Fernando (Spanish Bank of San Fernando), senator for the province of Tarragona, president of the Junta de Ultramar and senator for life. He was part of the Ateneo of Madrid, member of the Royal Academy of San Fernando, director of the National Museum of Paintings, member of Freemasonry with the nickname of Catón. He also was in different scientific associations like the Real Academia Matritense (Royal Academy of Madrid) and the "Società Reale Borbonica" of Naples.

Liberal Triennium, 1820-1823

Date of the event: 1820 - 1823



France  Obs.:  Exilio

Lugar de Nacimiento:

Balmaseda (Bizkaia, España) in 1774-07-08

Lugar de Defunci¿n:

Madrid (España) in 1860-01-11


GIL NOVALES, Alberto: Diccionario biográfico de España (1808-1833) De los orígenes del liberalismo a la reacción absolutista. Madrid, 2010.

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