Person - Ikheimo, Kazuo (1929-)

Ikheimo, Kazuo (1929-)




Preferred form:

Ikheimo, Kazuo (1929-)

Fechas de existencia:

Tokyo  1929-10-25 - existente actualmente


He is a Japanese film director. Having grown up near a film studio from an early age he soon became interested in professional film director. However, it was not until 1950 that he decided to apply for a position as an assistant director at the Daiei Kyoto Studio. Then, in 1960 as he was highly evaluated for his ability he was directly appointed as director for Raizou's starring work "Kakukake Tokijiro". In 1971, he received the highest award from the Ministry of Education, Youth Film Award for his film "Ace on One Leg." The following year, in 1972, he filmed a trilogy about the traveling movie " Mushukujin Mikogami no Jokichi ". Since then, while working on many TV dramas, he has released the movie entitled Makeup. By the end of his artistic career, Ikehiro has worked in more than 60 features over the 58 years that his artistic career lasted, from 1956 until 2014. He is best known for directing Zatôichi umi o wataru (1966), The Phantom Samurai (1961), Zatôichi abare tako (1964), Mushukunin mikogami no jôkichi: Tasogare ni senko ga tonda (1973).


Directores de cine  Obs.:  También: director de televisión


Lugar de Nacimiento:

Tokyo in 1929-10-25




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