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Piano tuner, in active in Spain during the first decades of the XX century. He was known for his work as a piano and harmonics tuner. Aside from working on the Royal House pianos there were other musical entities for which he worked for, among them the Maison Erard of Paris which was in charge of building the pianos Alcayaga was a sales representative for in Spain, and Casa Dotesio, who were music editors. He was also in charge of preserving and repairing the pianos in the National Conservatory of Music and those of José Tragó Arana (1856-1934), teacher and soloist. Due to his constant journeys through Spain and France he had appointments with several institutions in the locations he visited to work on their pianos and other keyboard instruments. Among his friendships, some of the most relevant are Father Donostia, Jacobo Fitz-James Stuart (Duke of Alba) and the composer Manuel de Falla.




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