Person - Albet Vila, Montserrat (1927-2013)

Albet Vila, Montserrat (1927-2013)




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Albet Vila, Montserrat (1927-2013)Other forms

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Barcelona (España)  1927-04-22 - Barcelona (España)  2013-04-10


Spanish musicologist and pianist.

She was born in Barcelona on 22nd April 1927 and died in the same city on 10th April 2013. She was the granddaughter of the geographer Pau Vila i Dinarès and married the writer Joan Gomis i Sanahuja. She began her musical studies in Barcelona with the composer and violinist Joan Massià i Prats and the pianist and pedagogue Blanche Selva, who was the founder of the Estudis Musicals academy. In addition, He also studied musicology with Higinio Anglès y con Bernhard Rövenstrunck. When she was a concert pianist, she had several pieces of music of Bach, Couperin, Scarlatti, Rameu, Soler, Handel y Galuppi. She did an excellent job regarding divulgation in Barcelona while she was working in the 1960s as the director of the Seminar of Medieval and Contemporary Music that took place in the Goethe Institut. Regarding her speaker role, she talked about several aspects and periods of music history, in particular, she along with the pianist Eulalia Solé divulged the work of Arnold Schönberg and his relationship with Barcelona. Moreover, she was a member of several juries of composers' competitions and worked as a music critic in various magazines, such as "Serra d'Or", "Estudios Pro Arte", "Catalunya Música", "Catalonia" and "El Ciervo", the latter was co-founded by her husband. She along with the musicologist Miquel Querol Gavaldà collaborated in the restoration and the staging of medieval Catalonian theatrical pieces with the specialist Josep Romeu i Figueras. Besides, she was in charge of music section of the "Gran Enciclopedia Catalána" and was co-founder of Societat Catalana de Musicologia del Institut d'Estudis Catalans. Between 1983 and 1993, she was also the director of the former Centre de Documentació Musical of the Generalitat de Catalunya located in the Jardí dels Taongers in Pedralbes. Furthermore, she published numerous musicological works such as "La música contemporània" (1974); "Bibliografía crítica de la «Festa» o «Misteri d'Elig»" with Roger Alier (1975); "Historia de la música catalana" with Jordi Isern (1985); "Mil anys de música catalana"(1991) and some articles in collective publications, for instance, "Conchita Badía: una vida musical" in "Conchita Badía 1897-1975: canción del arte" (1997); and "Història de l'Orfeó Català" (1993).


Los fondos del desaparecido Centre de Documentació Musical de la Generalitat de Catalunya, del que fue fundadora Monserrat Albet, se encuentran actualmente integrados en la Biblioteca de Catalunya.


Lugar de Nacimiento:

Barcelona (España) in 1927-04-22

Lugar de Defunción:

Barcelona (España) in 2013-04-10






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