Person - Laín Entralgo, Pedro (1908-2001)

Laín Entralgo, Pedro (1908-2001)




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Laín Entralgo, Pedro (1908-2001)Other forms

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Urrea de Gaén (Teruel, España)  1908-02-15 - 2001-06-05


Pedro Laín Entralgo (Urrea de Gaén, Teruel, February 15, 1908 - Madrid, June 5, 2001).

He was doctor and Spanish writer. He studied medicine and chemistry at the University of Valencia. From 1942 until 1978, he was Professor of History of the medicine at the Universidad Central de Madrid, and even he was Rector of it, between 1950 and 1954.

He has a generous publication on the discipline of the History of the medicine. As intellectual and Catholic thinker, he was linked to José Ortega y Gasset, Xavier Zubiri and the generation of ’98. He had shown a constant concern for the history and philosophy. He spoke in favor of Europeanism, but defended the preservation of the Spanish peculiarities.

In his “Antropología de la esperanza”, Laín Entralgo has described the mechanisms preceding the human project. Among the main subjects he talked about, the reality and the person are relevant.

The literary quality of his writing has made him enter as academic of number in the Royal Academy of the Language, from which he was President since 1982 until 1987.

His most important works are:

- Medicina e historia (1941)

- Las generaciones de la historia (1945)

- La historia clínica (1949)

- Historia de la Medicina moderna y contemporánea (1954)

- España como problema (1956)

- La espera y la esperanza (1957)

- Teoría y realidad del otro (1961)

- La relación médico enfermo, historia y teoría (1967)

- La medicina hipocrática (1970)

- Sobre la amistad (1972)

- Antropología médica (1984)

He edited the Escorial magazine and founded in 1948 “Cuadernos Hispanoamericanos”. He directed an important collective work, “HIstoria Universal de la Medicina” (Universal History of the Medicine) (1972-75), and in 1976 he published the autobiographical work “Descargo de Conciencia”. In 1985, he was also a playwright and he won the Machado brothers Award with his work “El Empecinado”. He was a Member of the Royal Academy of Medicine (since 1948), and the Royal Academy of History (since 1962). In 1974, he was awarded with the prize of journalism 'Ramón Godó Lallana.'


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Urrea de Gaén (Teruel, España) in 1908-02-15

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