Person - Prat, José (1905-1994)

Prat, José (1905-1994)




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Prat, José (1905-1994)Other forms

Dates of existence/Biographical dates:

Albacete (España)  1905-08-10 - 1994-05-17


Spanish jurist and politician. He married Ramona García Alonso (1908-1984), who had a son from a previous relationship, Ramón González García. He graduated in Law from the University of Granada in 1925, being a student of Fernando de los Ríos. He got his PhD from the University of Madrid the following year. In 1931 he held the position of jurist in the Ministry of War in the government of Azaña. He was also lieutenant auditor of the Juridical‑Military Corps; in 1930 lawyer of the Council of State; president of the Ateneo de Burgos and later first secretary of the Ateneo de Madrid, with Miguel de Unamuno as president; legal advisor of the Federación Nacional de Trabajadores de la Tierra (National Federation of Land Workers) of UGT (Unión General de Trabajadores/General Union of Workers). He started in Freemasonry in 1931 with 'Pedro Simón Abril' as a symbolic name. He was part of the Council of the Institute of Agrarian Reform and, from 1933 to 1936, he was a parliamentary deputy for Albacete. In 1936 he was appointed Director‑General of the Litigation Council and from 1937 to 1938 he was appointed undersecretary of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers of Negrín, He combined this position with the vice‑presidency of the Permanent Deputation of the Cortes Generales. He held the presidency of the Interministerial Committee of the International Exhibition of Paris in 1937. After the Spanish Civil War he went into exile, first to France and then to Colombia, dedicating himself to teaching. He founded the House of Spain in Colombia in 1941. He collaborated in magazines such as Estampa and Esfera and directed the magazine España.

Upon his return to Spain, in 1976, he was elected president of the Partido Socialista Obrero Español (PSOE/Spanish Socialist Worker's Party) (historical). Between 1979 and 1990 he was appointed senator for Madrid. He was president of the Ateneo de Madrid between 1985 and 1988. He died in Madrid on 17 May 1994.

Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939

Date of the event: 1936 - 1939







Lugar de Nacimiento:

Albacete (España) in 1905-08-10

Lugar de Defunci¿n:

Madrid (España) in 1994-05-17



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Associative relations :

Ateneo de Madrid (España)  ( He/She is the owner/beneficiary/president of; También ocupó el cargo de Secretario primero bajo la presidencia de Miguel de Unamuno )

Bauer Landauer, Alfredo (1893-1956)  ( He/She/It collaborated with )

Cortes Generales. Congreso de los Diputados (España)  ( He/She is a member of; Diputado por Albacete entre 1933 y 1936. )

Negrín, Juan (1892-1956)  ( He/She is a member of the Government )

Ríos, Fernando de los (1879-1949)  ( He/She is apprentice/student/employee of )

Family relationships :

Prat García, Ignacio (1905-1994)  - Collateral (He/She is the brother/sister of)

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