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Guerrero, Vicente (1782-1831)




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Guerrero, Vicente (1782-1831)Other forms

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Nueva España (virreinato, jurisdicción antigua)  1782-08-09 - 1831-02-14


Vicente Ramón Guerrero Saldaña (Tixtla, Guerrero, August 10, 1782-Cuilápam, Oaxaca, February 14, 1831). He was a mule driver, politician and Mexican soldier. He played an important role in the War of Independence of Mexico between 1816 and 1821. - Member of the Supreme Executive Power (April 1, 1823 ? October 10, 1824). - President of the Mexicans United States (April 1 ? December 17, 1829). He introduced himself to Morelos in Tixtla on May 1811. In 1810, he began his military career under the orders of Galeana (1762-1814). Shortly after, being Captain, Morelos commissioned him the command of the Plaza of Taxco. He had a leading role in the action of Izúcar (1812) and was commissioned by José María Morelos (1765-1815) to extend the revolution in the South, where he defeated José de la Peña, La Madrid and Combe (1814). After fortifying Tlamajalcingo, he defeated Armijo and Samaniego; once Tapla was besieging, he commanded Morelos to direct him to Izúcar, where he defeated the Spanish. Then, he was directed to Acatlán where he was victorious in the ?Cañada de los Naranjos? (November 7, 1816) and he forced the Count of Cortina to surrender in that population. He defeated Zavala and Reguera in Azoyú (1816) and lost in Xonacatlán (1817). He put himself to the orders of the Board of Jaujilla; with Nicolás Bravo Rueda (1786-1854), Guerrero suffered the Tlachapa disaster. He defeated Armijo in Tamo (1818) and had a series of victories in Axuchitlan, Santa Fe, Huétamo and Cuaulotitlán. He became the leader of the emancipation and resisted the attacks of the viceroy Apodaca in the Southern region. In 1821, he met with Iturbide in Acatemplan, and agreed to join forces to achieve the Mexican independence based on the Plan of Iguala. Once he was triumphant of independence, and when Agustín de Iturbide was proclaimed Emperor (1822), he stated his opposition to the despotic regime of Iturbide rebelling against him. To his downfall, he was a member of the Supreme Provisional Executive Power (1824). During the Presidency of Guadalupe Victoria (1786-1843), from October 10, 1824, to March 31, 1829 he served as Military Leader. In 1829, with the support of the yorkino party, he stood out for the presidential election which was won by the conservative Gómez Pedraza. Because of the electoral irregularities and the abuse of the first months of mandate, the Revolution of the Acordada started, and proclaimed Guerrero to the position of the Presidency in April 1829. In 1830, he was defeated by the General Bustamante. He took refuge in the South, and resumed the fight until in January 1831, when he was betrayed by Francisco Picaluga (1792-1836), he fell as a prisoner who was led to Oaxaca. After a war council, he was sentenced to death and shot.


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Nueva España (virreinato, jurisdicción antigua) in 1782-08-09




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