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After the end of the II World War in 1945, the Catalan emigrants that were located in Paris founded the Casal of Catalonia, a solidary association in order to join Catalans that, due to different reasons, were living in Paris. Most of them exiled after the Spanish Civil War.

The objective of the association was the development of cultural and activist activities related to their home country as well as the encouragement of solidarity between the Catalan community and Paris.

Both units of documentation previous to 1945 correspond to books belonging to the Casal’s predecedents during the Second Republic. On the basis of those precedents, the Casal was successfully created. It is still operating today.


The transfer of the Archive of the Casal of Catalonia in Paris to the Archive of the Crown of Aragon as a voluntary donation was completed in April 2008.



Código de Referencia de PARES: ES.08019.ACA/3.12

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