Corporate Body - Cartuja de Aula Dei de Zaragoza (España)

Cartuja de Aula Dei de Zaragoza (España)



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Cartuja de Aula Dei de Zaragoza (España)Other forms

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from 1563-08-14 to 1835-08-11


The Charterhouse of Aula Dei in Zaragoza was founded by Hernando of Aragon, Zaragoza's archbishop, on the 14th of August 1563. Previously, the Carthusians had been settled in the Charterhouse of Nuestra Señora de las Fuentes in Sariñena, but they decided to abandon it and to establish a new monastery due to the bad situation of their primitive community. The monastery was situated a few kilometers from the city, in a property called "Torre de don Juan de Alagón". The building's work, also defrayed by Hernando of Aragon, started on the 24th of February 1564. It lasted one decade under the command of Martín Miteça, Simón Sebastián and Miguel Bernabé. The building was reformed and extended several times throughout its existence. The church was decorated with paintings of Francisco de Goya. The War of Independence (1808-1814) interrupted the monastery's life. The French troops occupied the building and turned it into headquarters. However, the monks restored it after the conflict. During the Liberal Triennium (1820-1823), the monastery was closed due to the Law about monasteries and convents of Zaragoza issued on the 25th of October 1820. The monastery was definitively abolished by the governing board of Zaragoza on the 11th of August 1835, after the publication of the Royal Decree of the 25th of July that suppressed monasteries and convents with less than 12 practicants. The secularization was confirmed by the Royal Decree issued on the 11th of October, suppressing the monasteries.

Mandates/Legal Sources


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Real Decreto de 25 de julio de 1835 suprimiendo los monasterios y conventos de religiosos que no tengan 12 individuos profesos, de los cuales las dos terceras partes a lo menos sean de coro. Gaceta de Madrid núm. 211, de 29 de julio de 1835, páginas 841 a 842.

Real Decreto de 11 de octubre de 1835 suprimiendo los monacales. Gaceta de Madrid núm. 292, de 14 de octubre de 1835, página 1157.


Revuelta González, Manuel: La Exclaustración (1833-1840).- Madrid, EDICA, 1976.

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