Corporate Body - Esquerra Valenciana (España)

Esquerra Valenciana (España)



Corporate Body

Preferred form:

Esquerra Valenciana (España)Alternative forms (other languages)

Fechas de Existencia:

from 1934 to 1939


Esquerra Valenciana was a left-wing party which operated in the territory of the present-day Valencian Community. It was founded on the 26th July, 1934. It sparked off after the rift caused by people's disapproval of the Autonomist Republican Union Party*, which was regarded as the Valencia-based Radical Party's arm. Its main doctrine was the belief in Valencian autonomy, the protection of its language and culture, and an overall demand for a federal State. It had a shared ideology with the Catalonian Party Ezquerra Republicana. Moreover, it collaborated with the Republican Left-wing Party and the Valencian Republican Association. It joined the People's Front. Its first congress was held in March, 1936. During that same year, the Esquerra Republicana of Valencian Community joined the Ezquerra Valenciana. On the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939), it played a part in the People's Executive Committee.

*Official name in Spanish: Partido de Unión Republicana Autonomista or PURA

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