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Created by Felipe Sánchez Román in June 1934, the National Republican Party was mainly conceived as a reform agenda directed towards the growth of the nation. Although it had never reached sheer numbers, it was always fiercely loyal in terms of its militancy. The National Republican Party was a "moderate, parliamentary and non-violent" party, aimed at middle classes. Its ideology raised awareness about the most pressing issues faced by the Spanish society: treasury, unemployment, agrarian crisis, public morals, among others.

Related Authorities

Canturri Ramonet, Enrique (1897-1971)  ( It has as a member; Creador del Centro Republicano de la Seu de Urgel )

Associative relations :

Escobar Benavente, Enrique Juan (1889-?)  ( It has as a member )

Escobar Benavente, Juan Valentín (1903-1981)  ( It has as a member )

Gómez Piñán, Tomás (1896-1957)  ( It has as a member )

Sánchez Román Gallifa, Felipe (1893-1956)  ( It is founded by; Fundador del Partido Nacional Republicano. )


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