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Colegio de San Basilio Magno de Baeza (Jaén, España)



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Colegio de San Basilio Magno de Baeza (Jaén, España)Other forms

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from 1579-06-02 to 1835


The convent of Nuestra Señora del Carmen in Baeza, better known as the College of San Basilio Magno (the patron saint), was founded by San Juan de la Cruz and Brother Antonio de Jesús. This project started when they bought a house to Juan de Escos by 18.000 ducats. He had inherited it from his brother Andrés de Escos. This payment was never made since it was finally stipulated in sung masses. The convent was founded thanks to the permission given by the bishop Deza on the 2nd of June 1579. The first prior was Brother Juan de la Cruz, who was the first rector of the school once it was legally established. After some years, the friars decided to move to another building due to the unhealthiness conditions of their first settlement. In 1586, they bought some houses that belonged to Juan de Céspedes. One year later, they moved there. The works started in 1588 and the church began to be built in 1603. The major chapel counted on the financial support of the married couple formed by María de Bazán, the sister of the Marquis of Santa Cruz, and Juan de Benavides, Lord of Jabalquinto. This sponsorship was signed on the 15th of December 1582 when the friars still lived in the first location. The convent stopped operating when Mendizábal's Decrees of secularization were applied in 1835.


The convent was founded under the ownership of Nuestra Señora del Carmen and was dedicated to San Basilio Magno. Over time, it started to be known as the College of San Basilio Magno. One friar spoke about these problems in the “Protocolo Memorial del convento: "It is to be noted that, since the day it was founded, this college was dedicated to San Basilio under the ownership of Nuestra Señora del Carmen. Many call it San Basilio because they do not make a distinction between Saint Patron and Owner”.

Mandates/Legal Sources


Real Decreto de 25 de julio de 1835 suprimiendo los monasterios y conventos de religiosos que no tengan 12 individuos profesos, de los cuales las dos terceras partes a lo menos sean de coro. Gaceta de Madrid núm. 211, de 29 de julio de 1835, páginas 841 a 842.

Real Decreto de 11 de octubre de 1835 suprimiendo los monacales. Gaceta de Madrid núm. 292, de 14 de octubre de 1835, página 1157.

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