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Corporate Body - Junta Superior de Cataluña (España)

Junta Superior de Cataluña (España)



Corporate Body

Preferred form:

Junta Superior de Cataluña (España)

Fechas de Existencia:

from 1808-06-18 to 1812-12-01


The Superior Board of Catalonia (Junta Superior de Catalunya) was created in Lleida on the 18th of June 1808 when the "Juntas Corregimentales" that had resisted the Napoleonic occupation of the Spanish territory were joined together. It disappeared when the Independence War ended on December 1812.

The Superior Board was substituted under the authority of the Captain-General Lacy for the Provincial Council of Catalonia (Diputación Provincial de Catalunya), constituted on the 30th November 1812. The absolutism was restored in 1814 when Ferdinand VII returned to Spain. This implied the disappearance of the institutions emanated from the Constitution of Cadis including the Provincial Council. However, this last mentioned institution was restored in 1820 during the beginnings of the Constitutional Triennium.


The documentary fonds of the Board contain documents of the Spanish administration in Catalonia during the Spanish Independence War (1808-1814). They include Royal Orders and “Cédulas” issued by the Government to the Provincial Council after the dissolution of the Board.

The General Castaños, Captain-General of Catalonia, delivered to the Archive of the Crown of Aragon the documentation produced by the Board, found in the General Captaincy (Capitanía General) of Catalonia’s secretary.

There is testimony of this Board in the National Historical Archive, at the “Secretaría del Despacho de la Gobernación de la Peninsula”, where the general expedient for the dissolution of the Board was processed.


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