Corporate Body - Juzgado de Arribadas y Alzadas de Cádiz (España)

Juzgado de Arribadas y Alzadas de Cádiz (España)



Corporate Body

Preferred form:

Juzgado de Arribadas y Alzadas de Cádiz (España)

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The Casa de la Contratación (House of Trade) disappears in 1790 and some of its former powers are overtaken by the Court of Arribadas and Alzadas. This institution was created and shaped by a number of decrees issued between 1790 and 1793 as part of a general ministerial restructuring process. Previously, the said institution was declared as superfluous by the Decree of Free Trade. The Administrative Office of Public Finances in Cádiz, which assumes part of the competencies of the extinguished Chief Accountant’s Office of the Casa de la Contratación, also stems from these restructuring measures.

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