Corporate Body - Real Compañía de Comercio de La Habana (España)

Real Compañía de Comercio de La Habana (España)



Corporate Body

Preferred form:

Real Compañía de Comercio de La Habana (España)Other forms

Fechas de Existencia:

from 1740-12-18 to 1856


The Royal Trading Company in Havana sprang in the mercantilist currents of the moment, by the Royal Decree issued on the 18th December 1740. Therein, the Royal Trading Company was granted the monopoly of the commerce (tobacco, sugar, hides and other fruits from Cuba) with the Peninsula, in exchange for the drapery shops, fiscal benefits and letters of marque being brought to the island. In the same line, it was expected to stock the presidios or jails of San Agustín de la Florida with its ships-of- the-line and build small vessels for coastal defense and oversight of illicit trade. It was subject to a General Board of stockholders, which appointed a president, five directors, an accountant, a treasurer and a factor with residence in Cádiz. Nevertheless, it was far from hampering illicit trade and often stimulated it with disguised aid of the Captain General of the island. Having lost its tobacco monopoly in 1760, its life went languishing for more than a century.



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