Corporate Body - Real Consulado de Comercio (Barcelona, España)

Real Consulado de Comercio (Barcelona, España)



Corporate Body

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Real Consulado de Comercio (Barcelona, España)

Fechas de Existencia:

from 1762 to 1829


Once abolished the Sea Consulate (Consolat de Mar) in Barcelona in 1714, the Duke of Berwich appointed two consuls to temporarily assume the exercise of the extinct institution's judicial powers.

The Nova Planta Decree (Decret de Nova Planta) stipulated that the Consulate continued operating at the same time it ordered the Audience to prepare a reform project. Thus, a confusing period stretched on until 1758, where two “Reales Cédulas” created, on the one hand, the Trade Consulate (Consolat de Comerç), which assumed the judicial functions, and, on the other hand, the Trade Board (Junta de Comerç), which substituted the old “Consell de Vint” as a governing body of the “Cos de Comerciants de la Llotja”.

The “Cédula” that created the Consulate established that henceforth it would be composed by three consuls, instead of two, as it had been before, and a judge of appeal. They all should be traders. As they were not professional lawyers, consuls had the support of two lawyers and a scribe. They were conferred jurisdiction in all trading civil lawsuits, either maritime trade or land trade. Nevertheless, the Royal Audience was inhibited from jurisdiction in this kind of lawsuits.

Some new ordinances from 1763 established that the posts of consul and judge of appeal were designated for four years by the General Trade Board of Madrid.

The new Commercial Code pointed out the disappearance of the Consulate of Barcelona. It presented that the jurisdictional functions carried out at the time by the Consulates were going to be executed by the Commercial Courts all over the country from the 1st of January 1830. Thus, the gremial functions of governance and administration were left to the Board. The Commercial Court of Barcelona (Tribunal de Comerç de Barcelona) kept taking responsibility on the litigious aspects of the commercial sphere until 1868, when, abolished the special jurisdictions, these were conceded to the Audience.


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