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Person - Pascua, Marcelino (1897-1977)

Pascua, Marcelino (1897-1977)




Preferred form:

Pascua, Marcelino (1897-1977)Other forms

Dates of existence/Biographical dates:

Valladolid (España)  1897 - Geneva  1977


Spanish doctor and diplomat. Doctor of Medicine from the University of Madrid, he expanded his studies in London. Since his youth, Marcelino Pascua was affiliated to the Partido Socialista Obrero Español (PSOE/Spanish Socialist Worker's Party). He was Director‑General for Health during the Second Republic (1931‑1933), being the great renovator of the Spanish Health of his time. He was also a parliamentary deputy. During the Spanish Civil War he was the republican ambassador in Moscow and Paris. In Moscow he played an important role in the issues related to the gold deposit that the government got for the purchase of weapons. Later, Marcelino Pascua was sent as ambassador to Paris, where he chaired the Special Treasury Commission, whose mission was to receive and transform any object that could be converted into a currency.

At the end of the Spanish Civil War he went into exile and he was a professor at the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. Later he became an employee of the WHO (World Health Organization), based in Geneva, where he served as Director of the Division of Health Statistics. He is considered as the main figure of the Spanish Health Statistics and Epidemiology.

Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939

Date of the event: 1936 - 1939



El Archivo de Marcelino Pascua Martínez se custodia en el Archivo Histórico Nacional. Se trata de los documentos de la actuación y relaciones políticas de Marcelino Pascua durante la Guerra Civil española como embajador en París, su correspondencia con otros políticos de la época, su implicación en acontecimientos del momento, su papel como embajador y hombre destacado para la II República de España, así como material de diversa índole en relación con su pensamiento político.


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Moscú (Rusia)



Lugar de Nacimiento:

Valladolid (España) in 1897

Lugar de Defunción:

Geneva in 1977






It belongs to:

Spanish socialists

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