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The Communist Party of Spain (hereinafter referred to as PCE) is a Spanish marxist party founded by the Federation of Socialist Youth on the 15th April, 1920. The Party initially comprises young workers and students, laborers, intellectuals and farmers. During the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939), the PCE fought against the coup régime, and formed a Popular Front gathering together all the forces loyal to the II Republic (1931-1939). It took part in the fight against fascism. During Franco's dictatorship (1939-1975), the Party was shrouded in secrecy, until it was legalized during the Transition on the 9th April 1977, when Santiago Carrillo stood as a candidate in the election. One of its leading founders is Dolores Ibárruri ('The Passion Flower'). *The term 'radio' was adopted by the Spanish communist organization as a reference to its territorial organization, which can be compared nowadays to a group; each 'radio' organizes its affiliates in cells, be it territorial or corporate ones, as well as in fractions of a mere sectorial nature. The term 'radio' will also be used by a future unitary youth organization, the Unified Socialist Youth. * The Madrid Radio of Chamberrí is a geographical area.

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