Person - Oarrichena Genaro, César (1888-1954)

Oarrichena Genaro, César (1888-1954)




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Oarrichena Genaro, César (1888-1954)Other forms

Dates of existence/Biographical dates:

Alicante (España)  1888 - 1954


Spanish journalist, commercial agent, and politician. César Oarrichena Genaro was affiliated with the Republican Youth of Alicante. He was one of the founders of the weekly El Radical, which he also directed. He was imprisoned twice. He was a leader of the Juventud Radical (Radical Youth) and of the Partido Republicano Radical (Radical Republican Party).

In 1918 he was elected councillor of Alicante and in 1919 vice president of the Regional Committee of Juventud Radical in Levante. In 1926 he was elected secretary of the Provincial Board of the Alianza Republicana (Republican Alliance) of Alicante and of the Republican Alliance Centre of Alicante. In 1931 he was again councillor for Partido Radical.

In June 1931, he was elected parliamentary deputy in the Constituent Cortes elections of the Second Republic. In 1933 he was a member of the Agrupación Regionalista Alicantina (Regionalist Association of Alicante) and he was elected in November. At this time he was first secretary of the Partido Radical in that province and later president. In 1936 he was not elected deputy. Oarrichena also belonged to Freemasonry and to the Gran Logia (Great Lodge) of the Levante Region, with the symbolic name of 'Plutón' (Pluto).




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Lugar de Nacimiento:

Alicante (España) in 1888

Lugar de Defunci¿n:

Alicante (España) in 1954

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