Corporate Body - Archivo General de la Nación (Santo Domingo, República Dominicana)

Archivo General de la Nación (Santo Domingo, República Dominicana)



Corporate Body

Preferred form:

Archivo General de la Nación (Santo Domingo, República Dominicana)

Fechas de Existencia:



The General Archive of the Nation, officially known as Archivo General de la Nación, is instituted by the Law on Establishment of the General Archive of the Nation issued by Rafael Leonidas Trujillo on the 23rd May, 1935. Its Rules of Procedure were voted by Decree 1316 on the 2nd July. In 2000, the agency was ascribed to the Ministry of Culture by the Law 41-00. Nevertheless, owing to the issuance of the General Law of Archives 481-08 and the Implementing Regulation contained in Decree 129-10, the GAN became a public entity with a legal status and a functional autonomy, as well as its own structure and heritage. The aforementioned components guarantee the implementation of the archive’s basic functions, namely the reception, organization, preservation and distribution of the national documentary heritage.

The GAN is the country’s main archival institution, which contains documentation that dates back to the foundation of the Republic and colonial era papers that are a significant part of the Dominican documentary heritage.

It fulfills a twofold purpose: it is both an intermediate archive and a historic archive of public administration. In its role of general archive, it is too responsible for the safeguard of public and private documents of interest for the preservation of cultural and national historic memory.


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