Person - Fiveller de Clasquerí i de Bru, Maria Francesca (ca. 1756-1791)

Fiveller de Clasquerí i de Bru, Maria Francesca (ca. 1756-1791)




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Fiveller de Clasquerí i de Bru, Maria Francesca (ca. 1756-1791)Other forms

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1756 - 1791-10-03


She was an aristocrat from Barcelona, an abbess at the Monastery of Santa Maria de Jonqueres and the wife of Manuel d'Amat i de Junyent. Her parents were Joan de Fiveller i de Rubí and Maria Antonia de Bru i Descatllar, who also had the Catalan patrician Joan Antoni de Fiveller i de Bru. She was the third of seven siblings. Her family lived at the Fiveller palace, in Merced Street (Barcelona). She entered the monastery of Jonqueres very young. It belonged to a congregation that followed the Order of Santiago's rules. In 1777, when she was almost 20 years old and had taken vows, she met Antoni d'Amat i de Rocabertí, brother of her fellows, Antonia and Eulàlia. They got engaged. However, they never married. The viceroy Manuel d'Amat i de Junyeny, uncle of the Amat i Rocabertí brothers and member of the Military Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, settled in Barcelona in October 1777 and occupied two houses that had ordered to get built from Peru, one in Gracia and the other one in La Rambla, which is the Palau de la Virreina now. The scandalous relationships that he had with Micaela Viellgas, the Perricholi, and Josefa Evarista León Rizo de Chávez in Peru were left behind together with the children born of both relations: Manuel d'Amat i de Villegas and Manuel d'Amat León. Even though the viceroy Amat was aware of the relationship that Francesca had maintained with his nephew and personal guard's chief in Peru, Antoni, a couple of years ago and the more than 50 years between them (Manuel was 75 years old and Francesca 23 years old), he proposed in the mid-1778. The wedding was celebrated on the 3rd of June 1779 at the monastery of Santa Maria de Jonqueres's church, in Barcelona. As the groom was in Madrid, his older brother, Antoni d'Amat i de Junyent, acted on his behalf. On the 14th of February 1782, the viceroy Amat died and Francesca owned his goods. His heirs were his nephews Josep and Antoni d'Amat i de Rocabertí, who had accompanied him during his rule in Peru. The second one also got the rights of his brother and comrade-in-arms.

When she settled in the palace built by her husband in la Rambla, known as the Palau de la Virreina, Francesca was forced to arrange the inventoried heritage of her husband under the tutelage of her father, her old suitor, Antoni d'Amat i Rocabertí, and a public notary. They were especially interested in avoiding that Francesca got married again. The disagreements between Francesca and her old suitor ended with the signing of a concord in 1788, where they specified the belongings that corresponded to each of them. However, three years later, on the 3rd of October 1791, she fainted during a mass. At only 35, the massive convulsions led to her death shortly after. In accordance with her testament of 1789, she was buried at the convent of the Franciscans, in the Amat's cemetery, together with her husband. She divided her personal goods among her relatives, especially between her sisters Maria Lluïsa and Josepa, also considering her servants. She did not forget the usual pious vows at that time. In 1824, when Antoni d'Amat i Rocabertí died, the viceroy's properties were delivered to his nephews, the Marquises of Castellbell.


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