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from 1565 to 1818 (Suprimida en 1575 y restablecida en 1609)


The Audiencia Court and the Royal Chancery of Chile were founded in 1565, facing the need to find a prompt solution to the territorial problems in Lima, whose territories were reliant on the Audiencia Court back then. The first ordinances – dated 1564 and amplified in 1565 – gave shape to its plant, constituted by a legal president, an attorney, a judge, a court reporter, a chief constable and his lieutenants, notaries, an interpreter, a chaplain and a concierge. The city of Concepción was its first headquarters prior to its dissolution in 1575 (by Royal License issued on the 23rd August 1573 in San Lorenzo), which led to the relocation of all officers to other Indiano courts. The viceroy Velasco received non-stop requests to reestablish the Audience Court, which resulted fruitful as he remitted the application to the Council. In 1609, the Audience Court was finally reestablished and located in the city of Santiago, where it perdured until its dissolution in 1811 as a result of the Figueroa mutiny. Reinstalled in 1814 as a consequence of the Spanish Reconquest, it was ultimately abolished in 1818. Based on the administrative division system, introduced in Chile in 1786, Santiago and Concepción were under its jurisdiction. Nevertheless, a reduction of power took place when the intendants and the mayors assumed most of its roles. After the creation of the Royal Consular Court (1795) and the Royal Mining Court (1802), it lacked jurisdiction in commerce and mining affairs.


Mandates/Legal Sources


-Administración de justicia en grado de apelación.

-Administración de justicia en primera instancia en casos de Corte y en las causas criminales dentro de un número variable de leguas alrededor de la ciudad o villa sede de la Audiencia.

-Asuntos gubernativos de la Audiencia


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