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Person - Manzanares Rodríguez, Joaquín (1922-2003)

Manzanares Rodríguez, Joaquín (1922-2003)




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Manzanares Rodríguez, Joaquín (1922-2003)Other forms

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1922 - 2003


Historian, archaeologist, curator of Asturian pre-Romanesque heritage and chronicler of Asturias. He was born in Oviedo. He graduated in Law and Philosophy and Letters, specializing in History, from the University of Oviedo. He worked in the Instituto Nacional de Previsión as a company auditor from 1945 until his retirement, and in 1947 he founded the Tabularium Artis Asturiensis, a private entity dedicated to the protection and study of the monuments, art and archaeology of Asturias, which allowed to a certain extent to stop the outflow of antique pieces from the Principado (especially the plundering to which the parishes were subjected). He was appointed official chronicler of Asturias in 1980, and was awarded the Principality's silver medal in 1995. Joaquín Manzanares was a member of the most prestigious institutions related to the conservation of artistic and archaeological heritage. He died in Oviedo in 2003.




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