Person - Valdés Rubio, José María (1853-1914)

Valdés Rubio, José María (1853-1914)




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Valdés Rubio, José María (1853-1914)Other forms

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1853-04-30 - 1914-11-11


Natural of Illescas (Toledo), he studied at the Academy of the Administrative Army Corps in 1873. He graduated in Civil and Canonical Law on 26th April 1879 and obtained his doctorate in 1880. He also graduated in Administrative Law on 1st July 1881.

He was professor at the Academy of the Administrative Army Corps during the academic year 1875-1876 and library assistant at the Theology and Jurisprudence Library of Universidad Central de Madrid in 1878 and then became a librarian of the Faculty of Law of said university in 1881.

In 1886 he became professor of Criminal Law at Universidad Central de madrid.

He was also Second and First Official of the Administrative Army Corps for his special services during the war. He was named spokesperson of the Superior Board of Prisons in 1899. He was twice elected librarian at the Real Academia de Jurisprudencia y Legislación and worked as a librarian at the Academy of the Administrative Army Corps.


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