Person - Miralles Salabert, Luis (1840-1879)

Miralles Salabert, Luis (1840-1879)




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Miralles Salabert, Luis (1840-1879)Other forms

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1840-05-03 - 1879-10-24


He was born and passed away in Madrid, son of José Antón Miralles, captain of police officers, and Josefa Salabert y Curiel.

Paternal grandparents: Francisco Antón and Salvadora Miralles. Maternal grandparents: Miguel Salabert, count of Villasquina, and María de las Nieves Curiel, countess of San Rafael.

Married with Pilar Salabert y solá.

He began his academic training in 1860 with the Baccalaureate in Arts at the Instituto of San Isidro (Madrid). He graduated in Administrative Law in 1864, and a year later he became doctor. He was a graduate and doctor in Civil and Canon Law by the Universidad Central. Moreover, he studied subjects of Philosophy and Humanities.

From his academic career it is outstanding that he was an assistant professor at the Faculty of Law of the Universidad Central. Assistant of the chair of Roman Law of the Universidad Central, he was professor of Natural Law and of Roman Law at the Universidad de Zaragoza in 1876. He was appointed permanent professor in commission at the Universidad Central in 1879 (although did this not come to term from the Council of Public Instruction due to the demise of the individual concerned in October that same year).

Moreover, he held the following positions:

Lawyer of the Ilustre Colegio de Madrid y de Beneficencia.

Substitute of the justice of the peace.

Official editor of La Gaceta.

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