Person - Bedmar Aranda, Manuel (1811-1876)

Bedmar Aranda, Manuel (1811-1876)




Preferred form:

Bedmar Aranda, Manuel (1811-1876)Other forms

Fechas de existencia:

Dalías (Almería, España)  1811 - Sevilla (España)  1876-10-30


Spanish Law professor, civil lawyer and deputy. He was married to Antonia Escudero and he was the son of Manuel Bedmar, Secretary of the King, and Francisca de Aranda.

He started his academic training studying philosophy at the Monastery of San Pablo and Santo Domingo in Écija as well as at the University of Seville. He completed two academic years of Roman Law and one of National Law at the University of Granada. In 1828, he studied Canonical Institutions in Seville and he was awarded a degree and a doctorate in laws.

His academic career is centred at the University of Seville where he started being a substitute professor and he obtained the chair in ownership in 1846. In addition, he was designated interim dean at the Faculty of Jurisprudence and rector of the university.

He held other positions such as:

Deputy in the Spanish parliament.

Royal Council Lawyer.

Honorary minister of the Court of Auditors.

Lawyer of the Royal Court of Extremadura.


Profesión (Es realizada por):

Catedráticos in  Sevilla (España)

Profesión (Es realizada por):

Diputados in  Madrid (España)


Lugar de Nacimiento:

Dalías (Almería, España) in 1811

Lugar de Defunción:

Sevilla (España) in 1876-10-30

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Bedmar Escudero, Manuel (1848-?)  - Progenitor (Es padre de)

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Universidad de Sevilla (España)  ( Es empleado en/trabaja en )

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