Person - Candil Calvo, Francisco (1887-1959)

Candil Calvo, Francisco (1887-1959)




Preferred form:

Candil Calvo, Francisco (1887-1959)Other forms

Fechas de existencia:

Priego de Córdoba (Córdoba, España)  1887-05-25 - Priego de Córdoba (Córdoba, España)  1959-01-28


Spanish Law professor. He was the son of Pedro Candil Palomeque and María Mercedes Calvo Lozano. His maternal great-great-grandfather was Pedro Alcalá-Zamora Ruiz de Tienda (graduated captain and deputy in the Spanish parliament in 1812).

He started his academic training studying the baccalaureate at the School Jesús Nazareno in Granada and at the Instituto Aguilera y Eslava de Cabra (Córdoba). After that he studied in the Faculty of Law at the Universidad Central in Madrid, where he finished both his degree and his doctorate.

He received a scholarship by the Council for the Extension of Studies in Germany and Italy. Yet, he had previously stayed at the University of Sorbonne carrying out an investigation project. During his stay in Italy he studied at the Universities of Naples and Rome.

His academic career started in 1920 when he was appointed professor of Common Spanish Civil Law at the University of Murcia, where he was also designated vice rector. Through a transfer contest he got the chair of Commercial Law of Spain and the Major Nations of Europe and America at the University of Seville. He became vice rector and rector of the university too. He was sanctioned and reaffirmed in his position in 1940.

He also carried out the following activities:

Director of the Teacher-Training School of Seville.

Chair at the Court for Contentious Administrative Proceedings of Seville.

Member with number of the Literary, Scientific and Artistic Athenaeum of Madrid, Córdoba and Seville.


Profesión (Es realizada por):

Catedráticos de Derecho in 1920-05-28


Vicerrectores de Universidad  Obs.:  Universidad de Sevilla y de Murcia


Rectores universitarios in  Sevilla (España)  Obs.:  Universidad de Sevilla


Lugar de Residencia:

Murcia (España) between 1920-05-28 and 1927-04-29 Obs.:  Trabaja en la Universidad de Murcia

Lugar de Residencia:

Sevilla (España) in 1927-04-29 Obs.:  Trabaja en la Universidad de Sevilla

Lugar de Nacimiento:

Priego de Córdoba (Córdoba, España) in 1887-05-25

Lugar de Defunción:

Priego de Córdoba (Córdoba, España) in 1959-01-28

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