Person - Crespo Salazar, José (1888-1930)

Crespo Salazar, José (1888-1930)




Preferred form:

Crespo Salazar, José (1888-1930)

Dates of existence/Biographical dates:

Sequeros (Salamanca, España)  1888-11-13 - Salamanca  1930-03-13


Spanish Law professor. He was the son of the sergeant José Crespo Rodríguez and Alfonsa Salazar. He got married to Jerena García.

He started his academic training with the baccalaureate at the Institute of Salamanca. He studied Philosophy and Literature at the University of Salamanca, where he was awarded both a degree on Law and a doctorate. He received a scholarship by the Council for the Extension of Studies and he travelled to Paris and Coimbra.

He started his academic career being and assistant professor in the Faculty of Law at the University of Salamanca where he got the chair of Administrative Law. After that, he was transferred to the Universidad La Laguna. He got the same chair of Administrative Law at the University of Valencia and he was transferred once again to the University of Salamanca.

He carried out other activities such as:

Secretary at the Chamber of Commerce in Salamanca.


Profession (carried on by):

Catedráticos de Derecho in 1923-02-24 Obs.:  Catedrático en la Universidad de Salamanca, La Laguna y Valencia.



Coímbra (Portugal) between 1914-11-01 and 1915-03-01 Obs.:  Estudiante


Lisboa (Portugal) in 1915 Obs.:  Estudiante


París (Isla de Francia, Francia) in 1914 Obs.:  Estudiante

Lugar de Nacimiento:

Sequeros (Salamanca, España) in 1888-11-13

Lugar de Defunción:

Salamanca in 1930-03-13


AGA, Caja 32/1680 (Expediente 7489-10): Expediente personal

Related Authorities

Universidad de Salamanca (España)  ( He/She is a member of; Estudiante de Filosofía y Letras (curso 1907-1908). Estudiante de Licenciado en Derecho (ejercicios 12 de junio de 1913). Estudiante de Doctorado (30 de junio de 1914). Pensionado por la Junta de Colegios de la Universidad (1914-1915). Profesor temporal de la Facultad de Derecho (12 de enero de 1920. Toma osesión 24 de enero). CATEDRÁTICO de Derecho Administrativo (24 de febrero de 1923). )

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