Corporate Body - Embajada de España en Génova (Italia)

Embajada de España en Génova (Italia)



Corporate Body

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Embajada de España en Génova (Italia)Other forms

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from 1529 to 1823


Genova was a significant city in the Mediterranean due to its strategic location, its disposition to use its abundant financial reserves in exchange markets and its capacity to build galleys. The previous mentioned characteristics together with the constant battles against France made of Genova one of the fundamental nucleuses of the Hispanic monarchy’s diplomatic network. These factors caused the creation of an embassy in Genova as well as the delivery of the delegates. The first ambassador was Gómez Suárez de Figueroa in 1529. However, the first delegate that is documented was sent to Genova in 1483 (Francisco Vidal de Noya). The functioning of the Spanish embassy in Genova was documented in 1570 through a memorial attributed to Francisco Ugarte (a Spanish ambassador in Genova). It is shown in it that the ambassador was not the typical representative of the King in a foreign business since he was informed of any important matter as other citizens. On the other hand, the duties and qualities of the ambassador are stipulated in that document.

There was diplomatic representation until 1823 (Antonio de Beramendi).



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