Engraving representing a child with a puppy and musical instruments that illustrates the application areas of the smallpox vaccine, the lanc ...

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Engraving representing a child with a puppy and musical instruments that illustrates the application areas of the smallpox vaccine, the lancet with which the said application is made, and three buttons with the evolution in size and appearance, from the 4th to the 11th day.

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"Rea Fecit". By José Simón de Larrea.

In the upper part of the image there is a broad-tipped lancet with which the incisions used to be made, since having more surface, it retained the bovine fluid better. Below, there are three buttons that indicate the size and appearance of the vaccine from the fourth day on which the first signs appear until the eleventh day. On the fourth or fifth day, a small tuber or irregular grain should be observed on the surface of the skin, a bright red color that increased little by little and by the sixth day it had a characteristic shape and texture that distinguished it from any other condition. On the twelfth day the desiccation began in the center of the grain, which finally fell between the twenty-first and the thirtieth

In the center of the picture there is the drawing of a child with a puppy and musical instruments, in whose arms, which used to be chosen since they were usually covered, we can observe the areas where the vaccine was applied. Just below, there is a fake vaccine whose figure is raised in point instead of having a depth in the center like the real one.


A month before the arrival in Mexico of the Vaccine Philanthropic Expedition directed by Francisco Javier de Balmis, in the Supplement to the Gazeta of Mexico of May 26th, 1804, it was published a translation of the French Treaty on the origin and discovery of the smallpox vaccine, to which this print was attached.

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