Corporate Body - Ejército Popular de la República. Batallón Británico (España)

Ejército Popular de la República. Batallón Británico (España)



Corporate Body

Preferred form:

Ejército Popular de la República. Batallón Británico (España)Other forms

Fechas de Existencia:

from 1937-02-01 to 1938-10-31


The British Battalion, officially called Shapurji Saklatvala Battalion in honor of the cofounder of the Communist Party of Great Britain and member of the House of Commons, was the unit formed by the volunteers from the United Kingdom and Ireland, who participated in the Spanish Civil War integrated in the 15th International Brigade.

The unit was officially formed in 1937, but in August 1936 some volunteers from the United Kingdom had already reached to Spain and fought in the Front of Aragon. Later, it had reached another group which integrated into the Thälmann Battalion fought on the fronts of Madrid.

The British Battalion was formed of three infantry and a machine gun companies and began operating as a separate unit in February 1937. It had his first combat on February 12 of the same year in Jarama Valley. There, along with the American battalion who joined a few days later, it helped maintain control over the road from Valencia. There, 450 of the 600 members of the unit were killed or seriously injured, under the leadership of Commander Tom Wintringham. They suffered considerable losses, but they also learned to live with violence and death.

In July of the same year, Vicente Rojo, the Republican General, ordered the displacement of the units, including the British Battalion, to Brunete in order to act in that area and keep the lines of Madrid front where an unequal battle took place. Unfortunately to those dead in Jarama and Brunete would still have to add a very long list of losses of the British Battalion on the Aragon, Quinto, Belchite and Fuentes de Ebro fronts.

The battalion had lost during their stay in Spain approximately 490 men, and also 1,200 seriously injured on a total of 2000 volunteers.

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