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Person - Alessandrini, Goffredo (1904-1978)

Alessandrini, Goffredo (1904-1978)




Preferred form:

Alessandrini, Goffredo (1904-1978)Other forms

Dates of existence/Biographical dates:

Cairo  1904-09-09 - Rome  1978-05-16


Goffredo Alessandrini was an Italian film director, scriptwriter, actor, editor and producer.

He participated in athletics when he was young and won in 1952 the championship of Italy. He started his cinematographic career in 1928 as Alessandro Blasetti's director assistant in "Terra madre" (1930). He was soon esteemed by his work and his box-office success. He was one of the first film directors of the Italian genre known as the cinema of the white telephones. He made "La segretaria privata" (1931) and "Seconda B" (1934).

He got married with Anna Magnani, and directed together "Caballeria" (1936) and "Camicie rosse" (1952). He had two daughters with actress Regina Bianchi. He was one of the most important directors in the fascist Italy, especially with movies like "Luciano Serra, pilot" (1938), which won the Mussolini Cup to the best movie in the Venice Film Festival; "Blood wedding" (1941) and "Giarabub" (1942). He won in 1942 the Venice Biennale prize for "Noi vivi - Addio Kira!". He went back to Egypt in 1952, though he did not live long there.




Lugar de Nacimiento:

Cairo in 1904-09-09

Lugar de Defunción:

Rome in 1978-05-16

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