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Bacon, Lloyd (1889-1955)




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Bacon, Lloyd (1889-1955)Other forms

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California (Estados Unidos)  1889-12-04 - California (Estados Unidos)  1955-11-15


Lloyd Bacon was an American actor and film director.

Bacon went to the Santa Clara University, where he studied the cinema business. He served in the US navy during the Second World War, where he was assigned to the photography department. He began in cinema as actor with famous Charlie Chaplin and Bronco Billy Anderson. He appeared in more than 40 movies. Some of the most famous ones with Chaplin were "The trump" (1915), "The campion" (1915) and "Easy street" (1917). Later on, he became film director. Between 1920 and 1955, he directed more than 100 movies. He was first Sennet's apprentice until 1925 that joined the Warner Bros, where he was going to be one the directors in the thirties. He helped this studio to obtain the reputation of filming action, realistic and quick movies. Some of his most popular movies are: "42nd street" (1933), "Action in the North Atlantic" (1943) and "Marked woman" (1937).

He died in Burbank (California) the 15th November 1955 at the age of 65.

World War, 1914-1918

Description: Se alistó en la Marina norteamericana

Date of the event: 1914 - 1918




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California (Estados Unidos) in 1889-12-04

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California (Estados Unidos) in 1955-11-15

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