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Columbia Broadcasting System (Estados Unidos)



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from 1927-01-21 to existente actualmente


CBS Broadcasting Inc. is a commercial television channel from the USA. Its initials come from its former name Columbia Broadcasting System. It is the third channel with more retransmission in the world.

It was founded by William S. Paley. It is one of the first color television demonstrations that exists. It has its origins in the United Independent Broadcasters Inc., which was purchased by William S. Paley and renamed in 1928. It became one of the biggest television and radio channels in the USA. After many years being part of the same independent company, it turned to be part in 1995 of the Westinghouse Electric, and later of a bigger chain of television production companies and channels like Viacom since 2000 to 2005. Nowadays, this company has several divisions in television, radio, news, sports, etc. This channel is part of the CBS corporation with 200 independent stations and 5 in the USA.




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