Person - Costa Montferrer, Jaime (1917-?)

Costa Montferrer, Jaime (1917-?)




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Costa Montferrer, Jaime (1917-?)Other forms

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Palamós (Girona, España)  1917-02-27 - desconocida


Spanish businessman who was exiled. He was born in Palamós (Gerona) in 1917, in a family that worked in the shipbuilding industry and that moved to Villanueva i Geltrú, Barcelona. He studied to become electrician and joined the Republican Left of Catalonia.

He went to Barcelona in 1935 to work and study at the same time. In 1936, the Spanish Civil War started and he volunteered in the "Batallón de la Muerte" (Aragon Offensive). He asked to be changed to the "Lanchas Torpederas", where he stayed until the end of the war. When Barcelona fell, he left Spain through Figueras with the help of contrabandists and, when he arrived to France, he entered a concentration camp in Perpignan. In 1939, he went from France to Mexico on board "Amsterdam" ship, a Dutch vessel in which other 17 spanish refugees travelled as well.

He arrived to Mexico and worked as seller for some laboratories. He married a Mexican woman from Guadalajara in 1950, and soon blended with Mexican lifestyle. He was an active member of the "Juegos Florales", created to preserve the Catalonian language.

In 1979, he was associate and stockholder of a successful vet laboratories. He went back to Spain when the democracy started, but only for a visit.

Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939

Date of the event: 1936 - 1939




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