Manuel Lucio Díaz-Marta
Person - Diaz-Marta, Manuel Lucio (1909-1998)

Diaz-Marta, Manuel Lucio (1909-1998)




Preferred form:

Diaz-Marta, Manuel Lucio (1909-1998)Other forms

Fechas de existencia:

Toledo (España)  1909-04-22 - Madrid (España)  1998-12-06


Spanish civil engineer and politician that exiled. He was born in Toledo in 1909 and was member of a catholic and conservative family. He made his basic studies in the "Maristas" and the Jesuits. He studied engineering in the "Escuela de Ingenieros de Caminos" of Madrid in 1924. During the Republic, he worked in the Badajoz Plan. He lived in Mérida (Badajoz) and fitted well with its people. In 1931, he joined the Socialist Party of the city and contributed to its cultural life, becoming one of the precursors of the Mérida Classic Theatre (Emerita Augusta). He was granted a scholarship in Switzerland by the "Junta de Ampliación de Estudios", something that led him to use his knowledge in the Badajoz and Cáceres dams. He was in Toledo when the Spanish Civil War started and returned to Extremadura. He tried to resist, along with his team work, in Cíjara dam (Cáceres) until they had no choice and had to go to Madrid. He was sent to the "Confederación Hidrográfica del Ebro". In 1937, he was designated Engineer Commander and carried out military and professional activities. He also served in the Ebro Battle, where he built roads and bridges. He was wounded, operated and moved to different hospitals until he finally arrived to the France border. He was in Cerbére in January 1939 and was sent to Clair Vivre concentration camp. He managed to escape and went to Mexico from Bordeaux on board "Mexique" ship. During the trip, he met his first wife, who married him in 1944. He went from Veracruz to Chihuahua, where he worked in the construction of a refugees community, and also worked in Veracruz amd Acapulco. Since 1962 to 1977, he was hydraulic consultant in the United Nations and the Organization of American States (OAS), something that forced him to travel around America. He collaborated with Victoria Kent's "Ibérica" magazine. When Díaz-Marta heard about the Badajoz Plan of Franco's regime, he published in Mexico his work "Las obras hidráulicas en España" (1968) in order to clarify the plan's origins during the thirties. He definitely returned to Spain in 1977, when he was proposed by the Socialist Party to be in the electoral roll for the next elections. He was elected deputy of Toledo in the same year and, later on, Senator. Between 1977 and 1979, he worked as Chief of Section of the "Confederación Hidrográfica del Guadiana" until his retirement. His wife died and he married again in 1981.

Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939

Description: Es nombrado comandante de ingenieros.

Date of the event: 1936 - 1939

Mexique (barco de vapor)

Description: Barco de vapor que zarpa del puerto francés de Burdeos el 13 de julio de 1939 y atraca en el puerto mexicano de Veracruz el 27 de julio de 1939.

Date of the event: 1939-07-13 - 1939-07-27

Location associated with the date: Veracruz (México)

Cortes Constituyentes, 1977-1979

Date of the event: 1977-07-13 - 1979-01-02





(Función) Desempeña/lleva a cabo/realiza:

Diputados between 1977 and 1979

(Función) Desempeña/lleva a cabo/realiza:

Senadores between 1979 and 1982

Profesión (Es realizada por):

Ingenieros de obras públicas  Obs.:  Ingeniero de caminos


Lugar de Partida:

Burdeos (Gironda, Francia) in 1939

Lugar de Residencia:

Mérida (Badajoz, España) between 1932 and 1936

Lugar de Llegada:

Veracruz (México) in 1939

Lugar de Residencia:

Zúrich (Suiza)  Obs.:  Estudios

Toledo (provincia) between 1977 and 1982 Obs.:  Diputado y Senador

Lugar de Residencia:

Ciudad Real (España)

Lugar de Residencia:

Monzón (Huesca, España)

Lugar de Residencia:


Lugar de Residencia:

Nueva York (Estados Unidos)

Lugar de Residencia:

Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Lugar de Residencia:

Acapulco (Guerrero, México)

Lugar de Nacimiento:

Toledo (España) in 1909-04-22

Lugar de Defunción:

Madrid (España) in 1998-12-06




pertenece a:

Socialistas españoles


Díaz-Marta Pinilla, Manuel. Aub, Elena. Proyecto de Historia Oral "Refugiados Españoles en México", Archivo de la Palabra, Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia (INAH), México : entrevista a Manuel Díaz-Marta. realizada por Elena Aub [para el Instituto Nacional de Antropología E Historia de México En Colaboración Con el Ministerio de Cultura de España]. [s.L.: S.N.]: 1981]. 258 H..

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