Person - Dominguez Gómez, Bernardina (1897-?)

Dominguez Gómez, Bernardina (1897-?)




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Dominguez Gómez, Bernardina (1897-?)Other forms

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Madrid (España)  1897-06-13 - desconocida


Spanish trader who exiled in Mexico. She was born in Madrid in 1987, daughter of traders. She studied in a religious school until the age of 15, when she learnt dressmaking and to play the piano. She married Francisco Méndez Aspe and had four children. Her husband worked as State Body of Financial Inspectors during the Spanish Second Republic. When the Spanish Civil War started, she was on holidays in Suances (Santander), where she stayed the whole winter of 1936 away from her husband, who returned to Madrid.

When the rebels troops spread through the North of Spain in 1937, she decided to go with her children to Bordeaux on board "Sil" ship. They settled in Toulouse and spent there two years. Her husband was designated Undersecretary of Finance. In 1939, she left France on board "Samplain" ship while her husband was in Paris with the Republic Government. She arrived to Mexico and reunited with her husband there, but he went to England following the Republic Government during his exile. She focused on taking care of their children. When her husband quit sending her money, she run a souvenirs shop in Cuernavaca and, later on, opened another shop in Mexico City.

Her husband went back to Mexico in 1939. She became Mexican citizen and her children studied and married in Mexico. She went back to Spain in 1953 to pay her sister a visit.

Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939

Date of the event: 1936 - 1939





Suances (Cantabria, España) in 1936

Place of arrival:

Burdeos (Gironda, Francia) in 1937

Place of arrival:

Nuevo Laredo (Tamaulipas, México) in 1939-06-01


Ciudad de México (México) in 1939


Cuernavaca (Morelos, México) in 1950

Lugar de Nacimiento:

Madrid (España) in 1897-06-13



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Méndez Aspe, Francisco (1892-1958)  - Marriage (He/She is married to)


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