Person - Clavero Maestre, María del Coro (1911-?)

Clavero Maestre, María del Coro (1911-?)




Preferred form:

Clavero Maestre, María del Coro (1911-?)Other forms

Fechas de existencia:

Donostia-San Sebastián (Gipuzkoa, España)  1911 - desconocida


Exiled Spanish dentist. Widow of Andrés Berdejo Echart, diplomatic, with whom she got married in 1933. Mother to two children: Nora and Luis (who were 2 and 4 years old, respectively, when they went into exile). Sister of Ascensión and Dolores, the latter was married to Juan Blázquez Arroyo (Catalan communist). She studies her baccalaureate in Tarragona and at the Instituto Cardenal Cisneros (Madrid), of which her academic transcript (1921-1922) is preserved. Later on, she studied Medicine, first at the University of Zaragoza (1925-27), then in Santiago (1927-28), in Madrid (1928) and in Santiago again (1930-32). She obtained the Odontology title from the former Universidad Complutense of Madrid with Honors. She was a militant of the FUE (University School Federation). Once the war ended, she went into exile to France. On 25 October 1939 from Saint-Nazaire's port (Loira) aboard the Flandre with her two children, arriving in Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) on 7 November 1939. From there, she embarked again to go to Veracruz, arriving on 18 January 1940. In her immigrant card she indicated that she belonged to the "Romanist" cult, and that Pablo Calloa was her referral in the country. She was a beneficiary of the JARE (Board of Assistance to Spanish Republicans) and the SERE (Evacuation Services for Spanish Republicans). Her last known residence is Mexico City.

Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939

Date of the event: 1936 - 1939

Flandre (barco de vapor)

Description: Expedición marítima que partió del puerto de Saint Nazaire (Francia) el 25 de octubre de 1939 y llegó a Santo Domingo (República Dominicana) el 7 de noviembre de 1939.

Date of the event: 1939-10-25 - 1939-11-07

Location associated with the date: República Dominicana



El Archivo Histórico de la Universidad de Santiago custodia su expediente académico: Signatura: AHUS: leg. 255, exp. 25 (

Mª del Coro Clavero Maestre).


Profesión (Es realizada por):



Lugar de Llegada:

Veracruz (México)  Obs.:  Desde República Dominicana llegó a Veracruz.

Lugar de Residencia:

Ciudad de México (México) in 1940-01-18

Lugar de Nacimiento:

Donostia-San Sebastián (Gipuzkoa, España) in 1911




Related Authorities

Instituto Cardenal Cisneros (Madrid, España, 1845-)  ( Es miembro de; Cursó estudios entre 1921-1922. )

Associative relations :

Junta de Auxilio a los Republicanos Españoles  ( Es titular de/ es beneficiario de/ es el presidente de; Fue beneficiaria de ayudas. )

Universidad Central. Facultad de Medicina (Madrid, España)  ( Es miembro de; Obtuvo la titulación de Odontología. )

Universidad de Santiago de Compostela (A Coruña, España)  ( Estudió en )

Universidad de Zaragoza (España)  ( Estudió en )


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