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Person - Bosustow, Stephen (1911-1981)

Bosustow, Stephen (1911-1981)




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Bosustow, Stephen (1911-1981)Other forms

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1911-11-06 - 1981-06-04


Stephen Bosustow was a Canadian animation film director. He developed his career in the USA working first for Ub Iwerks and Walter Lantz in 1930. In 1934, he worked for Walt Disney Productions as animator and writer. In 1941, after a workers' strike, he left Walt Disney and founded along with other collegues an animation company, the United Productions of America. This new company produced a great number of cartoons and signed up an agreement with Columbia Pictures in order to compete in the Oscars against Walt Disney with animated short films. Two of his short films won this prize: "When Magoo Flew" (1954) and "Magoo's Puddle Jumper" (1956). He also won an Oscar for "Gerald McBoing- Boing" (1951) and was nominated other 7 times. In 1961, the UPA was sold and Stephen decided in 1968 to found Stephen Bosustow Productions, with which he produced several short films and animated films that gave him many nominations and rewards, the Oscar for "Is It Always Right to Be Right?" (1971) among them.


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California (Estados Unidos) in 1981-06-04




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