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from 1929 to 1972


Walter Lantz Productions was an American animation studio that was active since 1929 to 1972.

At the beginning, the studio was called Universal Studio Cartoons because Carl Laemmle wanted to have his own company and not hire someone else's companies. Tha person chosen at that moment to manage the studio was Walter Lantz, who already had experience in directing other studios. In 1935, its name changed to the one it was knwon for until 1972: Walter Lantz Productions. In 1940, they obtained the copyrights of some of their characters (Woody Woodpecker, Andy Panda, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, etc). They always were below big companies like Walt Disney Company and Warner Brothers, but even though, their works gave them a good reputation with movies of a medium quality. One of the best advantages of the company was the arrival of many talents from around thr world like Tex Avery, that provided calmness to the company.

The studio stopped producing movies in 1972. However, it is one of the eldest animation production companies.




United States

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