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Person - García de León Pizarro Ribera, José (1730-1798)

García de León Pizarro Ribera, José (1730-1798)




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García de León Pizarro Ribera, José (1730-1798)Other forms

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1730 - 1798


He was President, Regent and Chief Investigator of the Real Audiencia of Quito. His name was normalized from the baptism certificate in the AHN. This record also holds the authority's name as José García Madrigal León Pizarro (the surname Madrigal do not appear in the baptism certificate). The Centro de Estudios Biográficos of the RAH database quotes him only as "García de León y Pizarro, Joseph", which is also the name his son is known for, who was Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation twice during Ferdinand VII kingdom.

He began his career in the Seville Court and was later sent to Quito, where he was gievn the job by the minister José Galvez of implementing his tax reform programme. He achieved to increase collection, though a large part of the citizens were annoyed. He was later designated Council of the Indies.





Expediente de la Orden de Carlos III, Archivo Histórico Nacional,ESTADO-CARLOS_III,Exp.137

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García de León Pizarro, José (1770-1835)  - Progenitor (He is the father of)

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