Person - Cean Bermúdez, Juan Agustín (1749-1829)

Cean Bermúdez, Juan Agustín (1749-1829)




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Cean Bermúdez, Juan Agustín (1749-1829)Other forms

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1749 - 1829


Juan Agustín Cean Bermúdez was a Spanish painter, historian, and collector. He was protected by Jovellanos and he was a friend of Goya. He was commissioned to organize the Archivo de Indias (Indias Archive). In this sense, on October 12, 1790 he directed Antonio Porlier a plan he called "Coordinación constante del Archivo General de Indias" (Constant Coordination of the General Archive of the Indies), by which the Archive always had a coordination system that was divided in two branches: Districts and Indifferent.

Later, he worked as an official of the Secretariat of Grace and Justice of the Indies at the administration. Moreover, he was a member of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando and he focused all his immense scholarly work on art history. Although Cervantes was not his objective and his intense relationship with Simancas was stuck to art, he revealed and offered to Martín Fernández de Navarrete, with whom he had a great friendship, Cervantes' services file that were kept in the Archivo de Indias.




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