Person - Reisner, Charles (1887-1962)

Reisner, Charles (1887-1962)




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Reisner, Charles (1887-1962)Other forms

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Minnesota (Estados Unidos)  1887-03-14 - 1962-09-24


Charles Reisner was an American film director, actor and scriptwriter. Reisner began his career as a boxer and started to act at the vaudeville, and over the years he started to write songs for Broadway. Protected by the businessman Charles B. Dillingham, he moved to Hollywood and began to work as an actor in short comedies that he used to direct himself, getting to work together with Charles Chaplin. It was from 1925 onwards that he started to make films, which included the presence of actors such as Syd Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Jack Benny, Joan Davis or the Marx Brothers. His career was mainly developed between the twenties and the fifties, getting to work for various companies amongst which are Universal Studios, Warner Brothers y Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios. Among his most notable films we find: “Steamboat Bill, Jr.” (1928), “The Big Store” (1941), “Lost in a Harem” (1944) and “The Traveling Saleswoman” (1950).


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Minnesota (Estados Unidos) in 1887-03-14




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