Juana Capdevielle San Martín
Person - Capdevielle San Martín, Juana (1902-1936)

Capdevielle San Martín, Juana (1902-1936)




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Capdevielle San Martín, Juana (1902-1936)Other forms

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Madrid (España)  1902-08-12 - Rábade (Lugo, España)  1936-08-18


She was a Spanish librarian and teacher. She studied Philosophy and Literature at the Central University of Madrid, she received the JAE program¿s scholarship and, in 1930, she joined the Corps of Archivists, Librarians and Archeologists. She was assigned to the Spanish National Library, the Library of the Department of Philosophy and Literature of the University of Madrid and the Library of the Athenaeum of Madrid. She was treasurer of the Spanish Association of Librarians and Bibliographers and she took part to many Pedagogic Congresses, including the first days dedicated to sexual pedagogy organized in Spain in 1934. She was married to Francisco Pérez Carballo who was a lawyer and the civil governor of A Coruña. She was assassinated with her husband, while she was pregnant with her child, in the summer of 1936 by members of the Civil Guard who supported the military coup happened on July 18th.

Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939

Date of the event: 1936 - 1939




Lugar de Nacimiento:

Madrid (España) in 1902-08-12

Lugar de Defunción:

Rábade (Lugo, España) in 1936-08-18

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Pérez Carballo, Francisco (1911-1936)  - Marriage (He/She is married to)

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