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Person - Cisneros Nuevas, Enrique de (1826-1898)

Cisneros Nuevas, Enrique de (1826-1898)




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Cisneros Nuevas, Enrique de (1826-1898)Other forms

Dates of existence/Biographical dates:

Sevilla (España)  1826-11-19 - Madrid (España)  1898-12-25


Spanish dramatist, poet, lawyer, and politician. Son of José María de Cisneros Lanuza, Colonel of Artillery and María Manuela de Nuevas. He studied Law at the University of Seville and he married María de los Dolores Díaz de Zendrera. The couple moved to Madrid.

As a politician he joined Unión Liberal of O'Donnell and he was appointed civil governor of the province of Ciudad Real (1858) and mayor of its capital (1859). He held these positions until 1863. Later, he was the civil governor of Palencia and, in the following year, of Alicante and Cádiz. On 18 September 1868 he participated in the uprising of the squadron in the Bay of Cádiz. In 1868 he was appointed head of the Grace and Justice Section and Ecclesiastical Affairs of the Ministry of Overseas.

He served in the Conservative Party of Canovas del Castillo, being elected deputy at the Government of 1876 by the district of Ciudad Real and by that of San Juan Bautista (Puerto Rico) in 1879-1881.

Back to the Ministry of Overseas he was appointed, successively, Director-General for Administration and Development (1875), Director-General for Grace and Justice, Administration and Development (1876) and Undersecretary of the Ministry (1879). In 1880 he was appointed minister of the State. He resigned from his position in 1881 to reoccupy it in 1884.

In the 1885 by-elections of October, Enrique de Cisneros was chosen senator for the province of Lugo and, once he was retired of the electoral fights, he was President of the Government and Development Section (1892) and President of Property and Overseas (1893) of the Council of State.


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Gobernadores civiles (1833-1997)

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Deputy secretaries


Lugar de Nacimiento:

Sevilla (España) in 1826-11-19

Lugar de Defunción:

Madrid (España) in 1898-12-25




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