Mario Arnaldos Carreño
Person - Arnaldos Carreño, Mario (1924-1987)

Arnaldos Carreño, Mario (1924-1987)




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Arnaldos Carreño, Mario (1924-1987)Other forms

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Cartagena (Murcia, España)  1924 - Cartagena (Murcia, España)  1987


Spanish public worker and politician. Arnaldos studied Economics, and worked as a municipal officer. He was elected deputy for Murcia during the Constituent Legislature, joining the UCD (Democratic Centre Union) Parliamentarian Group. Between November 1977 and January 1979, he was the first vice-president of the Special Commission of Mental and Physical Disabled Issues.

From November 1978, Arnaldos was one of the 12 parliamentarians from Murcia who took part in the Regional Council of Murcia, pre-autonomous body whose aim was writing the drift of the Statute of Autonomy of Región de Murcia.

After quitting politics, Arnaldos balanced his professional career with the caring for people with disabilities, taking part in the foundation of several associations such as ATNIS (Misfit Children Tutelage Association). He had headed this institution from 1972, and he started to care for children with cerebral palsy.

When Arnaldos dead in 1993, he bequeathed his family residence to the Tutelar Foundation, named Mario Arnaldos Carreño. Currently, this foundation is the "El Cobijo" Residence, where children with different disabilities live.

Cortes Constituyentes, 1977-1979

Date of the event: 1977-07-13 - 1979-01-02



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Legislators in  Madrid (España) between 1977 and 1979

Profession (carried on by):

Civil servants


Lugar de Nacimiento:

Cartagena (Murcia, España) in 1924

Lugar de Defunción:

Cartagena (Murcia, España) in 1987




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Unión de Centro Democrático (España)  ( He/She is a member of )

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