Juan Antonio Bolea Foradada
Person - Bolea Foradada, Juan Antonio (1930-)

Bolea Foradada, Juan Antonio (1930-)




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Bolea Foradada, Juan Antonio (1930-)

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Ayerbe (Huesca, España)  1930 - existente actualmente


Spanish jurist and politician. Born in Ayerbe, Bolea took secondary studies in Huesca. In 1947 he moved to Zaragoza to study Law, and lived in the Carbuna Residence Hall, with which he participated in the first sport expedition that passed to France (Pau). Bolea graduated in Law in 1952, balancing his military service in Rivalta with the preparation of public examinations. In 1954 he started his judicial career, coming together with Francisco Fernández Ordóñez. Bolea worked as a tax lawyer at the Provincial Courts of Cádiz and Alicante; however, according to his wishes, he came back to Aragón to prepare himself to the public examinations to be Judge of the Administration, which passed in 1962. Then, Bolea was assigned to the Territorial Courts of Zaragoza, where he headed the Courtroom of the Administrative. In 1976, he requested an extended leave of absence from his judicial career, and became Chief lawyer at the Saving Banks of Zaragoza, Aragón and La Rioja (the current Ibercaja). In the 1977 general elections, Bolea ran as deputy of Democratic Centre Union for Zaragoza, party in which he also ran as provincial president of Zaragoza. Finally he was elected, so he joined the Parliamentarian Group of UCD. The parliamentarians' assembly of Aragón elected Bolea as provisional president of the General Provincial Council of Aragón or DGA, the pre-autonomous body government. The first Government Board of the DGA was held on 22nd April 1978 in Huesca. The two first agreements would be the flag declaration and the Aragon's Day. Shortly after, the committees in charge of the transfer of first competencies were created. He repeated again as president of UCD for Zaragoza in 1979 with only two votes beyond the other candidate, Gaspar Castellano, president of the Council of Zaragoza. Under Bolea's presidency, Aragon demanded the reopening of Canafranc, the improvement of its communications with France, Madrid and Barcelona, Monegros and Bardenas irrigation lands and the hospital of Barbastro. Moreover, the Government asked the Synod for recovering the Aragonese parish churches placed in the Eastern area from Lérida, being the artistic works passed to the Aragonese dioceses. Bolea headed three pre-autonomous governments. The two first (1978-1980) formed the coalition UCD-PSOE. On April 1980, the government experienced a crisis which caused that the socialist members of the pre-autonomous Executive left. After this breaking-off, the Executive was made up only with members of UCD, but the internal fights and discrepancies about the proceedings to get the autonomy finished with Boela's resignation as president of DGA, on 9th May 1981. The parliamentarians' assembly elected Gaspar Castellano as Bolea's successor. Bolea, who was the senator for Zaragoza at that moment, left UCD and joined the Regionalist Party from Aragon (PAR) founded by Hipólito Gómez de las Roces, where Bolea became senator for Zaragoza again and deputy at the Courts of Aragon from 1983 to 1999, and resigned from the re-election. In the Legislatives of 2000, he ran again as candidate for Zaragoza at the Congress, without being elected, so he resigned permanently from politics. Bolea's worry about hydraulics issues has been highly present in his politic and professional career. Therefore, his doctoral thesis was about the Regantes Communities' Legal System, which would again deal with in his works "Aragon's irrigation" (1986) and "Regantes Communities" (1998), being his contributions gathered at the current Law on Water.

Cortes Constituyentes, 1977-1979

Date of the event: 1977-07-13 - 1979-01-02





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Legislators between 1979 and 1986

(Function) He/She carries out/ perform:

Legislators between 1977 and 1999



Madrid (España) between 1977 and 1986


Zaragoza (España) in 1947


Huesca (España) between 1940 and 1947

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Ayerbe (Huesca, España) in 1930




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