Raimundo Clar Garau
Person - Clar Garau, Raimundo (1931-2010)

Clar Garau, Raimundo (1931-2010)




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Clar Garau, Raimundo (1931-2010)Other forms

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Algaida (Mallorca, Illes Balears, España)  1931-12-02 - 2010-03-06


Spanish politician, jurist, notary, and professor. He was born in Algaida (Balearic Islands) in 1931. He graduated in Law from the Central University of Madrid and he obtained the position of Notary by public examination. He combined his activity as a notary with his teaching vocation. Thus, he worked as a notary in Gérgal, Belvís de la Jara, Ávila, Lalín, and Palma de Mallorca while he was an Associate Professor in the Complutense University of Madrid and Professor of commercial law at the University of the Balearic Islands for three years (1985- 1988). He was president of the Catholic Federation of Associations of Parents of Students (Federación Católica de Asociaciones de Padres de Alumnos), dean of the Chamber of Notaries, and advisor of the Banco de Credito Balear.

In the political sphere, he was a member of UCD (Unión de Centro Democrático), with which he successfully participated in the 1977 elections, first free after Franco's dictatorship, obtaining a seat in the Congress of Deputies and where he held the presidency of the Culture Commission ( 1977-1979). As a deputy of the Constituent Parliamentary term, he was part of the Assembly of Parliamentarians that began the drafting of the future Statute of Autonomy of the Balearic Islands. He was also part of the Balearic pre-autonomic entity, the so-called Consell General Interinsular.

Cortes Constituyentes, 1977-1979

Date of the event: 1977-07-13 - 1979-01-02





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Legislators between 1977 and 1979

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College teachers

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Professors between 1985 and 1988 Obs.:  Catedrático de Derecho Mercantil





Menéndez, Manuel Ángel. Fontes, Ignacio. Quién es quién: sus señorías los diputados : atlas de la democracia parlamentaria española. Manuel Ángel Menéndez Gijón, Ignacio Fontes. Tres Cantos (Madrid): Foca. 931 p.. 84-95440-25-3.

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