Juan Manuel Fanjul
Person - Fanjul Sedeño, Juan Manuel (1914-1989)

Fanjul Sedeño, Juan Manuel (1914-1989)




Preferred form:

Fanjul Sedeño, Juan Manuel (1914-1989)

Dates of existence/Biographical dates:

Melilla (España)  1914 - Madrid (España)  1989


Spanish politician, lawyer, and banker. He was born on 14 November 1914 in Melilla. Active falangist in his youth, during the Spanish Civil War, he became a Deputy Secretary-General of the Falange Española Tradicionalista (FET) and of the Juntas de Ofensiva Nacional‑Sindicalista (JONS). After the end of the contest he was a lawyer at the Francoist Cortes. Subsequently, however, he evolved towards more moderate positions and entered into conflict with the regime. After the death of Franco he was elected deputy of the constituent Cortes and acted as Attorney General of the State between 1978 and 1980. In the 1977 elections he won a seat for the district of Madrid, representing Unión de Centro Democrático (UCD/Union of Democratic Centre). He died in Madrid on 3 February 1989.

Cortes Constituyentes, 1977-1979

Date of the event: 1977-07-13 - 1979-01-02

Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939

Date of the event: 1936 - 1939





(Function) He/She carries out/ perform:

Legislators between 1977 and 1978

Profession (carried on by):

Public prosecutors


Lugar de Nacimiento:

Melilla (España) in 1914

Lugar de Defunción:

Madrid (España) in 1989


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Alzaga, Oscar (1942-)  - Earlier (He/She is the predecessor of)

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