Jose martinez emperador
Person - Martínez Emperador, José (1914-2007)

Martínez Emperador, José (1914-2007)




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Martínez Emperador, José (1914-2007)

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México  1914-05-04 - Madrid (España)  2007-04-27


Spanish lawyer and politician. He graduated in Law from the University of Salamanca, practicing as a lawyer and as a professor of business at the Superior School of Commerce of Alicante. He started in politics in 1935, when he attended a political rally of José Antonio Primo de Rivera in the Madrid Theater. He joined the Spanish Falange of the JONS (Juntas de Ofensiva Nacional Sindicalista/Assemblies of the National Syndicalist Offensive) in 1936. With the outbreak of the the Spanish Civil War he was in Madrid, but managed to move to the National Zone, signing up as a Volunteer in the National Army.

As National Counselor of the Movement, he held the condition of attorney in the Francoist Courts between 1967 and 1977. In 1975 he was elected to be head of the Delegación Nacional de Acción Docente (National Delegation for Teaching Action) of FET (Falange Española Tradicionalista/ Spanish Traditionalist Phalanx) and of JONS, a newly created entity. He left office in January 1976. He was the spokesperson of the board of directors of DYRSA, a extreme right‑wing publishing society of publication El Alcázar, of the board of the Confederación Nacional de Excombatientes (National Confederation of Veterans), and member and promoter of Unión del Pueblo Español (UDPE/ Union of the Spanish People).

In 1977 in the middle of the Transition, Martínez Emperador, who in his opinion would have 'first called the municipal (and then legislative) elections', was elected deputy in the general elections for Madrid within the ranks of Alianza Popular (AP/People's Alliance), completing the constituent parliamentary term. He was one of the 5 AP deputies who voted in 1978 against the text of the Constitution in Congress. Moreover, he joined, like other AP members who rejected the Constitution, the coordinating committee of the Derecha Democrática Española (DDE/Spanish Democratic Right). His nephew, Jose Antonio Griñan, was president of the Junta of Andalusia 2009‑2013 and president of the Partido Socialista Obrero Español (PSOE/Spanish Socialist Worker's Party) from 2012 to 2014.

Cortes Constituyentes, 1977-1979

Date of the event: 1977-07-13 - 1979-01-02

Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939

Date of the event: 1936 - 1939





Profession (carried on by):


Profession (carried on by):



Lugar de Nacimiento:

México in 1914-05-04

Lugar de Defunción:

Madrid (España) in 2007-04-27





Martínez Emperador, José. [Nuevo horizonte del Movimiento] : Conferencia en el acto de clausura de la Asamblea de Consejos Locales. Torrelaguna, Madrid, 16 de junio de 1968. [Madrid: Servicio de Estudios y Difusión Doctrinal. Vicesecretaría General del Movimiento. 28 p..

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